Creativity Pays when it comes to finding new and exciting ways to promote our site and drive traffic. The key is tracking—that’s where our best of breed software and reporting partners do their part. Talk to us about any custom needs you may have and our team of trained content marketers will do what they can to accommodate those needs in a timely fashion.

  • Plug & Play Tracking Links
  • Easy to Load
  • Fast, Accurate Reporting
  • No Subscription Road Blocks


The following are some examples of the tools we provide our affiliates to help deliver the message:

Banners: Static, Animated, English & French options available

  • Ex: Spa Category Ads, Static, Non-geo
  • Ex: Travel Category Ads, Static, Non-geo
  • Ex: Campaign – New Year Ads, Static, Non-geo, French
  • Ex: Campaign – Contest Ads, Static, Non-geo

We aim to avoid using subscription landing pages as the destination URL for most of these ads. We believe in simplifying the process – allow the user to be directed straight into the website to see the deals immediately and drive sales. The destination URLs for these ads are usually one of the following:

  • Homepage
  • French City Homepage
  • Contest Page
  • Specific Deal Page
  • Other (by request)

(Coming Soon) You’ll be able to choose from banners that are city and deal-specific if you have the ability to geo-target a specific audience, using static or animated images, flash and rich media.

Product-Specific Banners

IMPORTANT: Please read the following 10-step instructions carefully before using our feature-specific banners tool below.

We recommend copying the text in the steps below, begining with START all the way to END and pasting into a wordpad to work from.
In order to assign LinkShare tracking & reporting to our deal-specific banners, you must first login to your LinkShare publisher account to append your unique tracking siteID.
These deal-specific banners are designed to automatically load the feature deal for the city you choose, dynamically.
10 steps may seem like a lot at first, but you'll soon find these are very easy steps to impliment.
All you need to do is set this up once, and the banner will update on your site, on its own, everyday.
The below is an example of what you will see when you follow these instructions carefully to use this tool.

Size 300x250 (Sample Banner)


Sample HTML Code



  • 1. Signup or Login to your LinkShare affiliate account.
  • 2. Proceed as if you are going to use an RSS feed: Select “Data Feeds” in the “Links” tab from the Top Menu. Choose “RSS Data Feeds” and click on any one of these listed feeds for
  • 3. Once the Feed opens, Click on the 1st URL you see listed in the Feed, which should take your browser right into a Specific deal page of
  • 4. Now scroll to the bottom of and Click on "Affiliate Program" under "Business Services" in the footer of the site.
  • 5. You should now be returned to this page:, where you can once again click on Toolbox on the right hand bar.
  • 6. Scroll back down to this spot on this page.
  • 7. Congratulations, your LinkShare tracking should now be applied and you should now see the appropriate HTML Code for various size banners appear below.
  • 8. Copy and paste whichever banner code you like into your website.
  • 9. TEST. Once you've placed the code for this banner on your site, please Click the banner a few times, wait for LinkShare reporting to show these test clicks.
  • 10. Get on with your day. You're done. Check your site again tomorrow to make sure the banner is still up and featuring the spotlight deal for the city you chose.


Text Ads, Contextual Links

Data Feeds

Our RSS Feeds include all essential information you require to aggregate our deals, such as:
Deal Title, City, Start Date, End Date, $Value, $Price, # Purchases, # Required, Deal Highlights, Buy Details, Merchant Link, Address, Image Link, and more.

RSS Feed Examples

National - All Cities

City Specifics

For the following cities:

  • Abbotsford
  • Barrie
  • Brampton
  • Calgary
  • Durham Region
  • Edmonton
  • Fredericton
  • Laval
  • Montreal
  • Quebec
  • Saguenay
  • Sherbrooke
  • Guelph
  • Halifax
  • Halton
  • Hamilton
  • Kawartha
  • Kelowna
  • Kingston
  • Kitchener
  • Mississauga
  • Moncton
  • Niagara
  • Ottawa
  • Regina
  • Saint John
  • Saskatoon
  • Seed
  • Sherbrooke
  • St Johns
  • Sudbury
  • Vancouver
  • Victoria
  • Windsor
  • Winnipeg
  • York Region
  • London
  • Toronto

Captured a market we don’t have listed? Contact Us.

French Cities


For the Following Cities:

  • Montreal
  • Laval
  • Seguenay
  • Quebec City
  • Sherbrooke

All Cities


For the following Categories:

  • travel*
  • products*
  • local*
  • food
  • activities
  • entertainment
  • health
  • retail
  • family
  • home_decor
  • other

*These categories are assigned their own commission structures. Local commission includes all categories that are not Travel or Products.

City Specific Categories


For all Categories and All Cities

XML Feed* Format Example


*Same Cities, Categories and Function as RSS listed above.

Please Note:All RSS feeds are provided for you (broken down as above) in our affiliate tracking user interface. By easily logging in to grab the links you wish to use, you’ll ensure proper tracking and reporting of commissions to your publisher account.
LinkShare does not enable its advertisers to upload XML format in the user interface. If you decide that you cannot use our RSS feeds, please click here for documentation on how to attach LinkShare tracking to our XML.

Coming Soon

  • Co-branded Landing Pages
  • HTML Email Templates

And more...

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