Dealfind has joined forces with TeamBuy!

Since we partnered with in January, we've been hard at work ensuring DealFind Members get access to TeamBuy's incredible selection of deals, website and mobile features.

Today we're taking the next big step: will now replace to become your go to website in Canada. You can now login to with your DealFind login name and password. You can also expect emails from TeamBuy moving forward complete with an easy to use Subscription Manager so you only receive the types of emails you want!

Do I need to create a TeamBuy account?

Nope, we've taken care of that! You can now login to with your current DealFind login name and password. If you forgot your DealFind password you can always reset it when logging into TeamBuy here. If you already have a TeamBuy account (aren't you proactive), you can login with that as usual and you will simply no longer receive emails from moving forward.

What happens to my DealFind Vouchers/Credits sitting in my DealFind account?

Don't worry for a second, all DealFind credits will be moved over and transferred to TeamBuy credits, which never expire.
You’ll also be able to access any purchased DealFind vouchers from your new TeamBuy account by logging in here. From there you can print them off, mark them as 'used', or just check them out.

Are merchants still going to accept DealFind vouchers that I've already purchased?

You got it. Any vouchers you've already purchased can still be redeemed of course.

What will happen to will no longer be available in Canada so you can access any DealFind vouchers you've already purchased directly from by logging in here.

What emails can I expect to receive from TeamBuy moving forward?

You'll start receiving the same emails from TeamBuy that you received from Dealfind. If you want to customize what emails you receive you can click 'Manage your Subscriptions' at the bottom of any TeamBuy email or do so on the TeamBuy website here.

Does my credit card information get moved over to my TeamBuy account?

Your Credit Card information will be securely transferred along with your login name and password to your brand new TeamBuy account. The first time you login you may even notice it has that new account smell.

What's happening to product orders placed on

Any order previously received are still being processed and will be delivered according to the delivery time that was stated on the deal. Keep watching that mailbox.

I have a question you didn't cover here.

Well, that was more of a statement but we'll allow it because it's you. If you have a question that we didn't answer you can always email us or call 8AM - 8PM EST Monday – Friday here.